Shin Sekai Yori episode 12

This was a very dialogue heavy episode. Satoru’s grandma looked too young to be a grandma. Satoru’s grandma makes a proposition to Saki, karma demons fully explained and Mamoru suddenly disappearing. This is the anime’s best episode so far.

Look at that cleavage

I really liked the exposition about the Karma demons, in particular the backstory about K. I felt that was really relevant with the school spree shooter incident news. There is a reason why spree shooters and K suddenly went on a murdering spree; I think it’s because society didn’t give them a chance to release their stress and society in general paid no heed to them. As illustrated by this episode, the build-up of the murderous intent isn’t sudden but rather a slow process. Reasons for overstress of people could be due to them being unable to release their stress because of environmental factors and in the case of children, the people who are supposed to help them aren’t helping them and sometimes contribute to the increase of stress and when stress levels reach an uncontrollable point, they become a force of destruction, killing everything in their path.

Going out of topic for a bit and relating K-kun to the spree shooter incident, I guess there needs to be something done about America’s mental health. Eliminating any person who might be a future spree shooter is not the way. Hopefully, America would be able to curb this psychological problem.

Also I liked that exposition about that girl with uncontrollable cantus leak. It was just sad watching that story.

I’m so looking forward to the next episode.


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