Final Impressions – Joshiraku

First of all, this post is way overdue and I had to deal with my college thesis for the most part this year that now is the only the time that I was able to free myself from it, so I apologize if it’s only now that I’m able to post this.

Joshiraku is one of those hit or miss anime, either you like it or you don’t. I understand if you dropped it early because the show is too Japanese. I liked it very much from the first episode.

For a comedy, there’s so much going for this anime. I really love the bits of self awareness that the anime displays in some of its skits and I love some of the references this anime brings. I mean you have to love an anime that brings up a Blade Runner reference in one episode.

Another thing I liked about this is the cerebral aspect of this anime, the anime did not just explored Japan, it explored many aspects of it in featuring a certain location during each second skit and shows the unique in each location featured. I found this a great way to learn more about Japan and its culture. I certainly learned a few new things about Japan while watching Joshiraku.

The animation really isn’t exactly the best but you won’t watch this for the animation. I love this anime for the self aware humor it brings, the exploration of Japanese culture through showing different key places in the country and the occasional reminder that life is meant to be enjoyed and that we should smile. This anime is one of the best comedies I’ve ever watched.

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