Shin Sekai Yori episode 13

So, uh, yes. Mamoru being the weak link is target for dispatch. Not very surprising actually if you paid attention to the previous episode.

So yeah, not much to say about this really. This episode is okay, but compared to the other episodes, this felt somewhat weak, probably because this in my opinion felt more like a set-up episode more than anything else. I was kinda expecting a heavy exposition when the trio finally finds Mamoru and meets the queerat only for Maria to go “Who cares, Mamoru is alive!” and my reaction was like “What?” That line from Maria kinda let me down.


The best part of this episode is watching Maria do the Naruto ninja hop while Saki and Satoru are skiing and Maria’s expressions in this episode. It’s pretty amusing really.

Storytelling aside, everything felt meh in this episode. Hopefully, the next episode will surely be better.


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