Sword Art Online episode 25 – The World Seed

The episode has so much delicious tears and we finally see some delicious Asuna and Kirito RL rabu-rabu.

I really can’t help but really like that confrontation between Sugou and Kirito at the beginning and even knowing that Kirito will trump Sugou, I think it was very well done drama. Good job on pulling the perfect villain voice for Sugou, Takehito Koyasu!

Looking at the final episode, it’s pretty cool that everyone can have their own VMMORPG if they have a server thanks to “The Seed”, which I felt gives off the message “Never let your dreams die!“, which is pretty cool and empowering. I am happy to see Lizbeth and Silica in this episode.

I have to say that the anime did a good job on wrapping up the series on a (predictably) happy note.


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