Shin Sekai Yori episode 15

Saki and Satoru pairing buildup and tension in this episode, but the main attraction in this are the queerats.

From the last episode preview, Squealer sounded more menacing than usual and true enough, he’s the star of this episode. He even got a new name, but he’s still Squealer for me.

The big revelation in this episode is that the Robber Fly colony has evolved pretty fast, already having concrete buildings and a democracy government. With the rapid advancement of the Robber Fly colony, Satoru’s theory that the queerats are plotting to take over humanity as pretty plausible. The queerats learned how to construct buildings out of concrete, revolt over their oppressive queens and start a democracy and with the inter-colony wars that the queerats are having, they seem to be pretty too human. I don’t know, I say it’s too early to judge things and even if Squealer is trying to start a revolution against the humans, it would take a lot of time.

The best thing about this episode in my opinion is that it shows us this: In a sense, the humans while being all powerful withe their cantus and having superior intelligence has become a community of Bonobos while the queerats who are lesser creature than the humans has gained modern technologies, learned modern governing systems and has learned to stand up for their own rights, gaining the aggression that the humans once had. The episode in my opinion asks us these questions: Who is more human? What does it take to be human?

The real threat that I see here is Squealer. He’s the typical sly and manipulative bastard who maybe up to no good. He seems to be using Saki and Satoru for whatever he is planning, most likely to make the Robber Fly colony a powerhouse among the queerats. Whatever he is planning, the way Squealer does things is pretty suspicious.

Seems that Maria and Mamoru got away. Here’s to looking forward to the new episode.


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