Shin Sekai Yori episode 16

Wow, the anime really went meta in this episode, perhaps too meta.

LOL at that OP theme. Actually it isn’t an OP theme, it’s just the feelings of Maria conveyed in musical form. That trippy Saki dream sequence was kinda cool.

That Maria monologue was pretty impressive as it was the meta meat of this episode. Maria basically opening Saki’s eyes and questioning the community that they live in seeing as how twisted it is. The message of this sequence is pretty clear in my opinion: Take a wider look at everything and question it. A person has to be able to think for oneself and not take things at face value, you know.

The happy childhood times of Saki and Maria

Yako-I mean Squealer is still creepy and it’s pretty amazing how much he is willing to sacrifice few of his ilk to help Saki and Satoru, its unreal. I still think dude is up to something.

My only beef in this episode is that they took out a certain scene from the novel that I think is probably very plot relevant since it has to do with Saki and Satoru realizing an important thing.

Overall, this was an okay episode though not the best. I’m guessing that it will be the last time skip next episode. Here’s to looking forward to the next episode!


6 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 16

  1. Ummm.. I’m just going to ask one thing. Back in episode 2, Saki said that if Maria was not born in this world, many lives would have been spared (something like that). What do you think????

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