Shin Sekai Yori episode 17

Final timeskip starts in a very interesting manner with a minor conflict among the bakenezumi providing the spark for things to become tense and interesting.

The Bakenezumi’s activities are now closely monitored and even their going to war needs permission from the humans. When an attack by one colony to anther colony was done without permission, the leaders of the two colonies were summoned for questioning. What followed was an utterly tense questioning by the committee heads towards Yakomaru and Kidoumaru. Insert Yakomaru being the usual cunning snake that he is and manages to produce a convincing argument towards his case and manages to piss off Kidoumaru as well.

Saki and another dude goes to observe Kidoumaru and his colony go to war. Kidoumaru’s colony manages to crush the opposition with superior tactics, bamboo shields and flint-lock rifles. Afterwards, news of a colony changing sides shakes things up even further and finally, news of Kioumaru’s colony being annihilated serves as a big exclamation point to end the episode. Maria’s song from last episode becomes the new ED theme.

Holy shit, this episode was tense! This episode was all about the bakenezumi and the display of their increasingly visible similarities to humans. They’re showing more similarities to humans of the past, it’s very alarming. Also, the shocked faces and responses of the people while Saki is reading how the Robber Fly became what it currently is today is priceless. The bakenezumi has learned to use military tactics, has displayed usage of guns and shields and use of narcotics to aid in war. With all these advanced developments shown by the bakenezumi, the theory that they are going to overthrow humans holds possibility. Is the false minoshiro the bakenezumi’s source of information? With the humans just watching the bakenezumi from the sidelines and the bakenezumi steadily gaining knowledge at a fast rate and the possibility of the bakenezumi revolting against humans seemingly real, I wonder when will the humans actively step in before it’s too late. Finally, who annihilated the Giant Hornet colony? What are your opinions regarding this episode?

Maria’s song from last episode is now the new ED theme and it’s pretty well animated. I think Maria’s song being made the new ED theme symbolizes that Maria will have a very huge influence regarding the events that will happen in the coming episodes. Remember that Saki once said that if Maria wasn’t born, many lives could have been saved.”? I think it’s coming full circle now.

I really like how this episode felt more like a set-up for a new arc. This episode was wonderfully executed and the atmosphere of tenseness and mystery was handled really well. Lots of questions has been raised by this episode. Here’s to greatly looking forward to the next episode!


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