Shin Sekai Yori episode 19

The episode was pretty much a straightforward suspense horror episode. As much as there wasn’t an infodump moment, the episode more than made up for it’s well execution and awesome BGM. I was at the edge of my seat the entire time I was watching the episode.

This episode confirms that Yakomaru really intends to take on the humans and he indeed has an ace in his sleeve. Tactically speaking, it really made sense for Yakomaru to use bakenezumi from another colony as disposable distraction until his ace does all of its work.

Now, Satoru has mentioned that knowing Yakomaru, he won’t go to war unless he’s sure of winning. I’ve been holding back on my suspicions, but the past episodes of this final arc has been giving hints and this episode pretty much confirms it.

I think Yakomaru’s ace is Maria & Mamoru’s son. The anime is careful to note that Maria and Mamoru are now dead, plus that fiend’s outline looks like Mamoru. My take on this is on that Yakomaru found Mamoru and Maria while Saki and Satoru away from them, offered the former pair residence in one of his colonies, stress kicked in and they have sex, kid is born and Yakomaru conveniently offs them at some point after the kid was born. Yakomaru raised the kid as one of them with dosages of anger and bitterness towards the humans. Imagine the carnage that can be unleashed from one cantus user without the death feedback inhibition. At this point, the suspicion of Yakomaru having caught a false minoshiro is kinda plausible.

Doesn’t he remind you of somebody?

Now, the question begs: why would Yakomaru go to war against the humans? I also have my suspicion regarding this, but I’ll hold this off for now.

I really love this episode, the feel of horror and suspense was well executed. I really liked that the interior of the ruined hospital reminded me of survival horror, complete with ambush tactics from the enemy and actually being able to keep you at the edge of your seat with suspense. That damn cliffhanger is pretty well done and I have to patiently wait for another week for the next episode. With the next episode preview showing lots of devastation, I”m pretty worried about the town. Here’s to waiting impatiently for the next episode.


2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 19

  1. Your theory about how Yakomaru got his filthy hands over Maria and Mamoru’s son is plausible. I also think that he gave them shelter then disposed them after giving birth to a child.

    Ow. If your theory is correct, then I would be really sad to know that only Saki and Satoru survived among the six. 😥

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