Shin Sekai Yori episode 20

God, this anime should stop with the Maria inserts already, it’s getting annoying. My opinion that the anime is doing a terrible job of showing that Saki and Satoru are a couple still remains.

TL;DR on episode 20 – Saki is separated from Satoru thanks to kamikaze mutant fish and the village is reduced to almost nothing. Good job on the episode to accentuate the atmosphere of bleak despair with good BGM.

The first highlight of the episode is the passing of torch by Tomiko-san to Saki in a very untimely manner made more dramatic thanks to good BGM. Now that Saki has succeeded Tomiko, I’d like to see how Saki will handle things.

The second highlight and far more subtle is the episode showing the fall of humans. They have relied on their godly cantus power too much and neglected technological developments because of their hubris and it took a Machiavellian bakenezumi to teach them the error of their ways the painful way. The sight of one of them being used against them by the bakenezumi to great effect drives my point further.

Personally, Yakomaru was the only thing in my mind while watching this episode. I tip my hat to the damn rat for being so calculatingly good and being a symbol of Machiavellian excellence. He was able to factor in various things and has successfully brought the humans to their knees. It was even amazing of him to devise a strategy to lower the humans’ guard at their most vulnerable and burn the town to almost ashes and his calculated use of bakenezumi pawns to wear the humans down. In my opinion, Yakomaru is the best character in this anime.

Next episode preview shows that Shisei will lead a last ditch effort to eliminate the rats, we’ll see how that goes and a sneak peek on the fiend. Man, I can’t wait for the next episode!


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