Kuro’s philosophy in watching anime

Fellow aniblogger Kai has written a piece about his philosophy in watching anime. I think that most of us anime fans when asked the question “why do we watch anime?”, the answer will be mostly along the lines of “it’s cool” or something like that, but for some of us, watching amime holds a much deeper purpose.

I watch anime because first and foremost, I consider it as a inspiring friend. Yes, these Chinese cartoons people call anime? I consider them friends. I’ll be honest, I am an introvert and in my lonely times or times of great stress, anime is always there to comfort me. Watching anime eases and calms my nerves after a stressful day. Watching anime for me is like a private conversation between me and the anime that I am watching as every anime I watch no matter how silly it is, talks to me through its story and message. No friend has inspired me to do things like play YuGiOh or start an anime blog like anime.

Another reason I watch anime is because I learn things through watching anime. I have learned so much about the beauty of Japanese cultural games thanks to Chihayafuru and Hikaru no Go. I also learned more about Japanese culture and obscure Japanese info thanks to Joshiraku. I’ve learned a few things about American Football thanks to Eyeshield 21 and I’ve learned a few things about economics thanks to [C].

Finally, I watch anime because each anime is a unique experience. Watching Evangelion during my younger years has allowed me to really relate with its main character, Shinji Ikari and experience his joys and pains. Watching Gurren Lagann made me feel that I can pierce the heavens with my Spiral Energy. UN-GO is a thrilling philosophical experience about the quest for truth and Nichijou is a fun comedic experience about the normal lives of its cast and had me laughing practically each episode.

In conclusion, I’m really thankful that I was able to experience the joy of watching anime. Watching anime has become an integral part of my life that I find it very hard to give it up. Watching anime is probably one of the best things that I am experiencing in my everyday life.

13 thoughts on “Kuro’s philosophy in watching anime

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  2. Truthfully, I didn’t even know the existence of karuta before Chihayafuru came about, lol. It’s always interesting to know new stuffs, and from our most favorite medium at that too.

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  5. Let’s see…an animeniac who has learned many interesting things about life and culture while having fun at the same time…and they same cartoons (Eastern and Western) are poison to the brain. how many times must animeniacs and cartoon-a-holics prove them wrong? Okay, the latter is sort of debatable. Anyhoo, good read dood.

  6. Anime as a friend – interesting point of view. As for me, the only philosophical view I have for anime is that it should satisfy my entertainment needs. I’m the type of guy who gets bored easily but I also like to have a good laugh.

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