Shin Sekai Yori episode 22

The search for the most environmental friendly biological weapon is on! Psychobuster as it is called, is simply a strain of anthrax that has been heavily modified to specifically target humans with cantus abilities and it even has a 1-2 year cooldown to help in post war clean up! I applaud the vanilla naming sense of the author for the ultimate cantus user killer.

Kiroumaru is helping Saki’s group in searching for the Psychobuster. The fact that humans can’t kill each other is revealed to be common knowledge among the bakenezumi. Unsurprisingly, Yakomaru follows them with his human weapon to presumably stop Saki’s group. Saki’s group is experiencing why futuristic Tokyo is “hell on earth”.

I like that futuristic desertland Tokyo is gave me that post-apocalyptic feel. It certainly added to the ominous atmosphere of the episode.

One thing I’ve noticed about this episode is that it showed Kiroumaru seemingly having agendas of his own that he isn’t disclosing to Saki and friends and most people are now unsure of his loyalties. I think Kiroumaru just genuinely hates Yakomaru and just wants him dead and I think that’s his main motivation for helping Saki and friends.

Another thing this episode touches is the subject of the Akki, with Saki wondering if the child weapon of Yakomaru is truly an Akki at all. I think this hints that the child is not akki at all, making my suspicious stronger that the child was raised as bakenezumi and identifies itself as bakenezumi and doesn’t recognize humans, therefore bypassing death feedback.

Looking at the next episode preview, looks like Inui will predictably sacrifice himself for the good of the mission. The big question mark however is Shun’s voice and Shun’s impact in the next episode. I’m just looking forward to the confrontation between Team Saki and Team Squealer.

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