Shin Sekai Yori episode 23

Inui heroics, doubts about Kiroumaru’s allegiances and Saki remembers an old friend once again.

Man, for the majority of this episode, Inui was the man! The episode made a good job of making me like him in the span of 17 minutes. He dies as the story dictates, but I really liked the guy! I kind of felt that Saki was made to play the “damsel in distress” card while in Inui’s presence in this episode but that’s okay since this will be the last we’ll see of Inui.

The episode dropping a hint again that the akki isn’t exactly an akki; This isn’t new. Saki finally acquires the Psychobuster. I wonder what’s the letter with the Psychobuster. I’m pretty sure it’s hugely plot related.

Finally, Saki remembers Shun! As much as this was a joyous event in the episode, I was kind of underwhelmed by this. If one has been paying attention to the anime, one can deduce that this is just Saki’s subconscious talking to her. I guess this scene just showed how strong Saki’s mind is, being able to overcome the mental barriers preventing her to remember Shun.

The episode gave doubts regarding Kiroumaru’s true allegiances. I don’t know, as much as I think Kiroumaru hates Yakomaru, I get this feeling that his loyalties lie to the bakenezumi. With the next episode preview showing that Saki and Satoru have been “played”, I wonder how will things shape up as we’re nearing the confrontation with Yakomaru’s human weapon. Where does Kiroumaru’s true allegiances lie? Here’s to looking forward to the next episode!

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