Shin Sekai Yori episode 24

I never should have doubted Kiroumaru. The man was a good guy all along, I feel ashamed having doubted him.

Aside from clearing doubts regarding Kiroumaru being a good guy, I think the episode showed other things too.

After all the trouble they went to obtain the psychobuster, it was just burned by Saki in an intense display of human emotion. Actually that confrontation with the Akki was an amazing emotional display by both Saki and Satoru. Satoru’s resolve to sacrifice himself to destroy the akki and Saki’s fear of losing another person in her life. That scene was just priceless. Also the scene proven the fact that indirect ways of killing a human does not trigger death feedback.

I think the anime is finally beginning to show the central theme behind the novel – The relationship between humans and bakenezumi. Both races just want to ensure their survival and with how both races try to achieve it, conflicts happen thus they are now in this desperate situation. Ultimately, it is human hubris that brought both races to what we’re watching now.

It was a very intense episode. Here’s to hoping that the next episode will be an awesome blast!


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