Shin Sekai Yori episode 25

No words can describe how awesomely epic the finale of this anime is.

Finally figuring out the akki is not really an akki, The gang comes up with a plan to deal with the not-akki which involves Kiroumaru’s sacrifice in exchange of the Giant Hornet colony’s safety. The not-akki kills Kiroumaru and with the reveal of it killing a bakenezumi, death feedback kicks in and kills the not-akki and Yakomaru’s defeat. This also showed that the death feedback is a mental phenomenon.

The scenes that followed which involved Yakomar-I mean Squealer are perhaps the best part of this episode. We finally learn the motivations behind his orchestrating the massacre of humans. With Bakenezumi chained to the fate of being forever seen and mistreated as lower beings and beasts of burden by humans, he only wished to free his kind from their destiny of eternal servitude. During his conversation with Saki and Satoru and during his trial, Squealer brings up fine points that we should think about. Squealer is in my opinion, the best character in this anime because depending on how you look at things, he could be a hero or a villain. At first it’s easy to hate him since we relate ourselves with the humans but once you get to know the truth about the bakenezumi and their plight, his actions for me are perfectly justifiable.

The final moments of this episode finally resolves Shun’s question back in episode 4; the answer is that bakenezumi are basically mutated non-cantus humans. Mutating humans who can’t use cantus to the point that they don’t look human anymore ensures the safety of the cantus humans. I think it is interesting here that Saki sees them as humans while Satoru disagrees with that. The anime poses the audience this question – what truly makes a human being?

Overall, this has got to be the best finale I’ve seen in this anime season. I think this finale is way better than Psycho Pass in that it was able to resolve everything satisfactorily. The ending just felt right. Shin Sekai Yori has been a long and satisfying journey. This anime was truly an amazing experience.


2 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 25

  1. I completely agree. It was a great ending. I was on the verge of tears when the ending song kicked in showing the anime from the beginning. I really miss all the characters. This is one of those anime that made me proud of watching anime.

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