Final Impressions – Shin Sekai Yori

Having watched the anime faithfully week after week since it started, I can say for certain that this anime is truly awesome. Each episode always left me wanting for more.

For the past six months, this anime has got to be one of the most enjoyable anime I have watched. Set in a speculative future where humans with the power of cantus live peacefully, the story is about five young children who live peacefully in their community and soon discover that not everything is what it seems.

I’ll tell you this, it is anime like SSY is what has locked me into watching anime in the first place. I like anime that makes one think about things that they may not have normally thought about and there is no clear hero and villain. I like anime that draws you in with nicely executed suspense and great story. I like anime that doesn’t shy away from controversial issues. I like anime that has awesome soundtrack. This anime is all of that.

Perhaps for me the greatest strength of this anime is the social commentary it gives to the issues it presents such as human identity and other issues that is present in today’s society where there is no easy answer.

My only complaint about this anime are the bit of pacing issues and bit of animation inconsistency which are minor bumps while watching this anime.

This is really a gem of an anime and I honestly think that this will be a classic. Some controversial scenes that have caused violent reactions among anime fans aside, I think every anime fan should watch this and hopefully, you’ll be pondering about a few things. As an anime fan, I seriously think that this anime is a must watch.


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