First Impressions – Aku no Hana

Aku no Hana is one of the anime this season that’s hyped and for a good reason, because the source material of it is so good. What I didn’t expect is to have its impact realized as soon as the first episode.

By the time of this writing, the anime is drawing lots of flak from anime fans because they see it as ugly. Nice judgment you have, anime fans.

My first reaction when watching this for the first time is that it is aiming to be different and it is somewhat reminiscent of some 90’s anime, it kinda gave me that Satoshi Kon feeling.

The first episode basically took the rosy high school life setting that many anime fans cherish and hold dear and crushed it under its foot. It showed the real mundane boring daily life, as real as it gets. We see the male protagonist just living his daily life monotonously, simply going through the motions. Dude can’t even confess to his dream girl. He only has his books as his sole solace.

Hiroshi Nagatama’s rotoscoping of the characters greatly enhances the mundane real life feel of the anime in my opinion and simply goes straight into showing what Aku no Hana really truly is, not even bothering with false pretenses the way the manga did. The soundtrack for was very fitting for this anime, adding an unsettling feel to it. The OP theme feels like some generic bad Jpop shit you’ll ignore while the ED theme accentuates the unsettling feel of the anime as the flower blooms, both uniquely fitting in this anime.

While a few say that nothing happened on the first episode, I think in my opinion, Aku no Hana’s first episode basically says to anime fans “your dream rosy high school life is shit.” It was a bold statement and many may have not taken that too kindly.

And so the Flower of Evil blooms and I’m very much looking forward to how this anime will unfold.


2 thoughts on “First Impressions – Aku no Hana

  1. My anime should be as anime as possible. Instead, Aku no Hana tries hard to be animated live action. In the end it will be neither anime, live action nor even adaptation. It’s so wrong on such a basic level it’s hard to describe and, unfortunately, that’s why it will fail commercially no matter how good the manga was.

    • I think that they intended for the anime to be that way for a reason. I think with the episode 1, the anime has made it clear that it doesn’t care about audience preferences and I think that it just shows how current anime fans disdain anything that tramples on their escapist fantasy.

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