First Impressions – Arata Kangatari

The last Yuu Watase anime I’ve watched was Ayashi no Ceres in which I was disappointed at and after a few years, we once again see another Yuu Watase anime in Arata Kangatari.

Main character is bullied and totally hates his predicament so he wished to disappear from this world, his wish was granted and he is swapped with a guy who has the same name as him to magical China world and upon arrival and after a bit of ruckus, he activates a rusty sword which is really a magical sword that is a god. Oh, the guy who MC has swapped with is now in the real world.

The whole “transported into magical China world” premise is something that Yuu Watase would come up with as she used the premise in her previous work, Fushigi Yûgi. The only differences between Arata from Fushigi is that the main character is a guy and the celestial warriors are the villains.

I’m kinda okay with this since it looks something like an adventure story and my only concern is that hopefully the anime won’t become utterly disappointing like Ayashi no Ceres.


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