Shingeki no Kyojin episode 2

The carnage continues…

I really like how this episode highlights the worst of humanity, discrimination at its finest. Forcing refugees to eliminate the giants which was a total suicide mission to alleviate food shortage by was totally a dick move. What I really like in this episode is how the argument between Eren and Armin is so symbolic in my opinion, with Eren being humanity’s will to fight and Armin being humanity’s will to survive. Armin could also be interpreted as humanity’s complacent nature, content to survive while living in fear in that scene. I also like how Mikasa is level headed, being able to temper Eren’s fire while stressing the need for survival.

After everything has passed, Eren finally begins training for the military which will not be easy… but that’s for next episode.


2 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin episode 2

  1. Eren wants simply to be stronger after that encounter, he wants to be useful. I guess that was kinda a good way for him to experience this in order to get that desire to exterminate the titans. still… poor mom..

    I dont know but for some reason I found Misaka annoying in that episode..

    • What I really like about this is that this anime is in some ways a social commentary and I like how the anime is pulling it off. The desire to be stronger is a human emotion but when human instinct for survival kicks in, it’s self preservation that usually wins. I like how through Eren the anime challenges its audience to do more that just comfortably sit down.

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