Shingeki no Kyojin episode 4

Another awesome insert song and Sasha continues to be best girl.

I really like how the anime through Annie points out that most capable people who can accomplish great things are the ones that are living the easy life, sheltered from all trouble. If one thinks about it, almost every person aims to be the best so that he/she can be away from all the trouble and do the least work while living the good life, despite being capable of doing more. While this is human nature of wanting to improve one’s own status of life, I think that everybody should aim to improve everybody’s status of living.

The BGM continues to be amazing and that nice build-up of that nice warm feeling at the near end only to be shattered by the sudden arrival of the Colossal Titan was done very nicely. The atmosphere building of this anime is totally top notch.

Next episode will be chaos as the Colossal Titan attacks again. Will Eren be able to do something?


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