Shingeki no Kyojin episode 6

As soon as Ymir didn’t give Christa the much anticipated lick at the first part, I knew that there will be changes in adaptation from the manga. Mikasa was OP as fuck; Eren wasn’t your typical 9 year old boy.

That feeling of crushing hopelessness during a Titan attack – check.
The usual person of power being a selfish dick – check.

I personally felt that this was the anime’s weakest episode as it had to go full shonen just to show how OP Mikasa was and how badass 9 year old Eren was. No normal 9 year old would be so gung-ho about killing adults that much I can say. Mikasa being OP as fuck felt underwhelming. I felt that the meat of the episode was overwhelmed by how crappy this episode was. I really don’t care much about the adaptation issues.

TL;DR – This episode sucks, hoping the next episode would be better as it should be.

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