Shingeki no Kyojin episode 7

Oh look, another Mikasa-centric episode. Sasha motivating people sure has a moe ring to it. C’mon, Shingeki no Kyojin, are gonna see spineless leaders in each episode? I’m kinda getting tired of it.

Mikasa getting herself back on track after being motivated by her memories of Eren. As much as this episode was meant to show how cool Mikasa is, I can’t help but say that she’s such a boring character. She really hasn’t got much dimension to her character other than she’s a beast among her peers and Eren is the only presence that keeps her going. I’d go so far to say that Sasha Braus has much more potential to be a better character than Mikasa will ever be. Sasha’s presence brightens every scene she’s in.

How boring Mikasa is aside, this episode has a few good things: Another awesome insert song, awesome kyojin slaying action as usual and that suicide scene early on was nicely adapted from the manga.

Oh look! A Titan beating up other Titans! What a surprise! Well, not really for those who read the manga as they pretty much know this turn of event. The next episode will focus on the special Titan, it seems.

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