Shingeki no Kyojin episode 9

Levi and Hanji finally show up in the story which means we’ll get to see Levi’s badassery! Fujoshi rejoice!

The episode felt transitional, as the episode introduces Levi and his crew as well as showing Eren and his friends’ trouble with Verman and other people wanting Eren dead. We get to see how Eren became first a titan and him being able to master his ability to transform into a titan which was adapted from the manga nicely. Verman is our weekly reminder that there are leaders who are total dicks. I guess the majority of people who saw Eren back in his kyojin form are just so afraid that they ain’t thinking the situation thoroughly. Great ost and adaptation from the manga as usual. Overall, this episode serves to introduce chaos and make the audience question what are the kyojin exactly?

The best part of the episode? Freddie Mercury Kyojin.

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