Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12

Mikasa sure has more balls than the rest of the elite corps combined.

Honestly, I really see nothing new in this episode as it’s the standard Shingeki no Kyojin fare with more inner dialogue on Eren’s part. The impression I’m getting in the Defense of Trost arc is that the animators are really prolonging (read: dragging) this arc since many fans are really into the anime. The last 3 episodes could have been easily condensed into 2 episodes if they would cut with some the unnecessary talk time in the episodes.

TL;DR – The Defense of Trost arc is really unnecessarily long IMO and they’re really dragging it. Thank goodness this arc will end in the next episode.

3 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin episode 12

    • If you’re cool with being spoiled and are irritated by the real slow pace of the anime, sure The manga’s better. I watch the anime because I like to see how the stuff from the manga gets animated.

      • Hmm… I think I’ll give the manga a go if the anime ends soon. I really like the animation for it so I’m afraid I might not feel as engulfed reading.

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