Shingeki no Kyojin episode 13

Eren finally lifts the fucking boulder after an episode of going berserk and internal monologue.

The first part of the episode prior to Eren lifting the boulder had some very wonky camera angles and stills and that made the action pretty chaotic and kinda hard to follow. Eren’s boulder lifting felt transitional for the short Levi badassery that would follow. Eren gets held captive for being able to become a titan and gets his wish to join the recon corps. Seems that it’s the titans that hold the key to this war. Yes, they did cut Jean’s decision to join the scouting corps from the manga which was prior to Eren’s scene and I’m guessing it’ll be placed in episode 14 (since the recap is 13.5). For those who haven’t read the manga, Annie’s apology to a dead Mina would make more sense in the coming episodes.

Personally, I’m just happy that the Trost arc has ended. I guess there’s no need to write a post for a recap episode right? I’m just excited for the next arc.

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