Final Impressions – Suisei no Gargantia

To be honest really, when I first started watching this, I did not know what to expect since it had Urobutcher doing work on the anime (even if the only thing he’s written in it was the first and the last two episodes of the anime).

The first two episodes starts out as a typical mecha show with intergalactic mecha battle against aliens called Hideauze. In Urobutcher style (like what he did with Madoka Magica), the third episode switches to slice of life and the show keeps it that way until the last two episodes where everything comes to an awesome finish.

While the slice of life aspect of the show may bore some viewers, The true strength of this anime is character building. Each episode establishes the growth and development of most of the characters as they mature and do what they must do. The only thing I lament is that other characters such us Amy’s friends and others could have received proper character development as well. The amazing thing about this is that even the mecha are characters themselves, something that I overlooked until the last episode.

This anime is a mixed bag, while it has strong character development, it could have been better. The 13 episode format did limit the anime on few things and it could have been perfect if it had an extra episode or two. It’s a very fun watch, but definitely not the best.

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