First Impressions – Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Ilya

Wow! A Typemoon magical girl anime!

I’ve been waiting for this ever since the announcement for it to be animated was announced and boy, the first episode was great!

This is basically an alternate to the events of Fate/Stay Night where there is no such thing as a screwed Holy Grail War. Ilya lives a normal life with her onii-chan, Shirou.

I really like how the first episode screams “This isn’t your grimdark Fate/ anime!” Wherein everything was just slice-of-life and comedic then suddenly pulling the bit of seriousness at the ending. While it’s fun to see some of the familiar Fate characters back in anime, arguably it’s Kaleidostcik Ruby who really got my attention. I really like how Ruby was so comedic and manipulative at the same time and her moments in the first episode were fun to watch.

This anime is a definite watch for Typemoon fans!

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