Watching Genshiken Nidaime first episode and reminiscing about my anime org memories

I’ll say this: one of the very few things that made my college life bearable back then was being a member of the college anime org. It was like a paradise to be able to talk to people who shared my interest on an almost constant basis. I’ll let you in on a secret: The name of my anime org is… Genshiken. Yes, it’s the same name as of the anime. The name feels kinda unoriginal but seeing the anime org that I’m a part of through the years, the org name is very fitting as it feels very much like Genshiken.

Back then, watching the first two seasons of Genshiken, I was just happy to relate with all the crazy hijinks the group just does and all the stuff in between and just like in the anime our own anime org came close to being disbanded because of our crazy antics. I was watching the Genshiken as a member of an anime org.

Now that I’m a senpai of the org and on my final semester (hopefully), I sat down and watched the first episode of Genshiken Nidaime and boy, it was a different experience.

Having my senpai goggles on sure was a different experience. The first thing I noticed was the the “change” of the org through the years. Comparing my anime org to the anime, my experience was that the org was more /anime/ in a sense that the members back then enjoyed pretty diverse otaku interests as the years went on, the org underwent changes became more of a video game and moe anime oriented org, just like in Genshiken Nidaime wherein the group became more fujoshi-centric. While change is truly inevitable, I kinda miss the anime discussions we had back then when I first joined in the org.

Another thing different experience in watching the first episode of Genshiken Nidaime was that when I first watched Genshiken, I was pretty cool with Kuchiki who is perhaps the craziest guy in the bunch, but now I cringe with pain at his antics. There is this guy in our anime org that really reminds me of Kuchiki because he acts almost like him, he’s pretty annoying but he’s a good guy. I guess every anime org has to have their eccentric beyond the norm kind of guy.

Genshiken Nidaime accurately portrays the change of an anime org through the times, just like the change my anime org went through the times. I also had undergone a few changes from back when I first joined my anime org and first watched Genshiken, but the one thing that will always be constant is that Genshiken will always be a good watch and I look forward to what Genshiken Nidaime has in store.


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