Shingeki no Kyojin episode 17

So the Female Titan arc begins. Oh goody!

The Recon Squad finally moves out, heading to Zhiganshina in Eren’s home where the secrets about the titans are believed to be held. Everything is okay until a unique female titan shows up and brings a titan army with it and eliminates an entire flank of people in the defensive formation of the recon squad.

A close call?

The unique thing about this female titan is that it’s really intelligent. It knows about its neck weakness and doesn’t even bother eating humans and it seems to be looking for something (read: Eren Jaeger) and it simply ignores anybody else, preferably just runs away looking for something. It seems to be pretty smart about figuring out the safest area of the formation as well.

We’re treated to Reiner heroics in this episode with him saving Armin from a serious pinch. I find it weird that it simply let go of Reiner just like that. The female titan finally finds Eren next episode, what happens next?

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