Final Impression – Tamayura: More Aggressive

This anime might seem boring to many, but I really enjoyed watching this anime.

I really like everything about this anime. The chill and smooth OP theme, the relaxing feel of the anime itself and Potte’s personal journey with coming to terms with the issues she’s dealing with.

As an introvert, I sometimes have trouble coming to to terms with issues and stuff I have to deal with and in watching the anime, watching Potte, an introvert like me, come into terms with the issues she’s dealing with and grow as a person with each episode has been a joy to watch.

I think the best thing about this anime is how it approaches the issues in a calm and reassuring manner and each episode will touch you if you give it a chance. I also suggest watching the predecessor, Tamayura: Hitotose.

In my opinion, this anime is pretty underrated. I’d recommend this for fans of healing slice-of-life anime.

2 thoughts on “Final Impression – Tamayura: More Aggressive

  1. I’m 100% behind you. This is easily my favorite slice of life anime. It was so heart warming you couldn’t help but well up with emotions. It didn’t need drama or suspense to make you feel connected with the characters. More importantly it’s one of the only anime where a would tear up a little from happiness rather than sadness.

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