Short first impressions – Shirobako

P.A. Works has its share of misses like the recently aired Glasslip which in my opinion felt very underwheming and boring that I just had to drop it, and they’re looking to bounce back with their offering this season, Shirobako.

A slice-of-life anime about what goes on during the creation and production of each anime is a really awesome idea! I’m glad somebody in Japan was able to come up with the idea. I really like that the creators went all out with the ‘cute girls doing animation’ concept.

I’m really, really liking this anime thus far. The anime captures the reality and hardships of anime production each episode! There’s a production assistant who forgets to do important key animation for a specific episode, the animation supervisor for an episode that will be aired pretty soon suddenly falls ill and everything is on danger of falling behind schedule, the head director suddenly orders last minute big changes on an episode which pisses off the animation director and others are just some of the very real troubles that a production company face when doing an anime on a very tight schedule. While the anime perfectly captures the troubles that a production company face during anime production, the anime adds bits of fun like Miyamori engaging on a drag race with a rival production runner to bring goods to the animation supervisor and a discussion of what moe should be. Another thing I like about this anime is that it references some well-known people in the anime industry perfectly.

I like this anime! So far I can’t see anything bad about it for now and hopefully, it continues that way.

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