My top 3 best anime moments of 2014

2015 is just around the corner and it’s probably good to look back at in my opinion the top 3 best anime moments in 2014.

Gon vs. Nefelpitou (Hunter X Hunter 2011)

Now I could probably pick many notable moments in Hunter X Hunter 2011 that aired in 2014 but I had to pick this one. Madhouse did a great job in animating a brutal demonstration of a childish tantrum. This is one of the moments that just had the most of the HxH fandom totally wowed.

Winners and Losers (Haikyuu!!)

Haikyuu!!! is probably one of the best sports anime that aired in 2014. The anime just hooks you from the get-go! Episode 16 shows just how good the anime is plus dishing in healthy amount of feels to the audience, more importantly the episode does something that’s not much done in other sports anime – it has shown us that the defeated also have their own story too.

Lovers are trendy, baby! (Space Dandy)

Space Dandy has lots of awesome moments but this one takes the cake. This is the episode that broke the fandom. Nothing much else to say. Dandy x Scarlet represent!

So there you have it, the top 3 anime moments in 2014 that I think are totally unforgettable. What 2014 anime moment do you think is unforgettable, dear reader? I’d like to know!

2 thoughts on “My top 3 best anime moments of 2014

  1. Though Haikyuu!! had always been entertaining since episode 1, it was actually episode 16 that fully convinced me that Haikyuu!! is reaaaaally good. I like how the anime didn’t only focus on the matches per se, but also on the characters and how they deal with winning and losing–and that’s how real people are.

    • Haikyuu!! has been really good since episode 1 and watching Hinata and Kageyama’s teamwork form has been a joy to watch. Episode 16 was just full gravy IMO because it did its job splendidly – feels and hype in one great episode!

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