Final Impressions – Joshiraku

First of all, this post is way overdue and I had to deal with my college thesis for the most part this year that now is the only the time that I was able to free myself from it, so I apologize if it’s only now that I’m able to post this.

Joshiraku is one of those hit or miss anime, either you like it or you don’t. I understand if you dropped it early because the show is too Japanese. I liked it very much from the first episode.

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Final Impressions: Lupin the 3rd: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna

I was really hyped when a new Lupin the III anime was announced and more hyped that Fujiko will be the main character rather than Lupin. What really sealed the deal for me in watching this anime is the names involved in this: Sayo Yamamoto who directed Michiko to Hatchin, popular screenwriter Mari Okada, character designer Takeshi Koike, Junji Nishimura who directed Simoun and Dai Sato. Needless to say, it has got my full attention.

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Final thoughts on Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing

I love this anime. Its simply awesome and from day 1, I thought that this as a “must watch” anime, and it remained a must watch until the very end. Its very rare that an anime like this deliver consistently episode after episode and not suffer a drop in quality, and this anime does it. I think that alone speaks volumes on how good this anime is.

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