Kuro’s J-pop focus: ヲタみん

Hello, Vocaloid fans! Its been a while since I wrote something music related, so here I am introducing one of my favorite voaloid cover artist: ヲタみん (Wotamin)

I really like Wotamin’s voice so much, I want to marry her voice. Her voice is well balanced so she can hit both relatively high and low notes. I personally think that she’s one of the best female Vocaloid cover singers out there. Her vocal ability is just impressive. She’s also a mixer and has mixed songs for other Vocaloid cover artists.

Here’s some of her very noteworthy covers~

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The music that brings out the writing

I’ll admit one thing, I always listen to music while writing something. Music seems to help me in writing blogposts. I prefer to listen to lively fun music while writing something, because it keeps me up and upbeat while writing something. A fine example of the kind of music that I listen to while writing is iciko‘s cover of Kasane Teto’s song of 桜. The song is a fine mixture of upbeat, fun and lively, making me listen to it on loop while writing.

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Kuro’s J-pop focus – 96猫 (for the new (and old) Vocaloid fan)

Err… Yes, I apologize for not being able to write a post sooner because I haven’t been feeling well as of late and schoolwork is rearing its ugly head… So yeah, Gomenasai.

But one think I’m pretty certain is that I have been on prowl for some good vocaloid musi- I mean covers this past few weeks. And because there’s this certain vocaloid cover artist I’m really in love with this past few months so I decided to put the said Nico Nico singer on the spotlight. Introducing to you vocaloid fans, new and experienced, 96猫

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Kuro’s J-pop focus – Touhou Jazz

Okay, how fail of me to nearly forget that I actually have a blog because of music. For all the people who know me on Google+ and Twitter, I think you know that I have varied tastes in music, but lately, I’m having a strong inclination towards Touhou jazz.

… And now I’m here to share the music love to all who appreciate good Jazz music. Treat this post as a sort of an introduction to Touhou jazz for the beginner.
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