Kuro’s philosophy in watching anime

Fellow aniblogger Kai has written a piece about his philosophy in watching anime. I think that most of us anime fans when asked the question “why do we watch anime?”, the answer will be mostly along the lines of “it’s cool” or something like that, but for some of us, watching amime holds a much deeper purpose.

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On watching anime…

When I watch anime, its always I have no expectations about it whatsoever because I’d like the anime to come to me naturally and enjoy it. Somehow when I have expectations of an anime, I tend to enjoy an anime less and tend to nitpick on it more which in my opinion kinda ruins the pleasure of anime viewing.

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My anime community

I guess I’ll be participating in this blog carnival thingy since the beautiful world seems very passionate about this project. Please note at this point, I’m just typing whatever comes into my mind.

The idea of this is to talk about one’s local anime community. If by saying local is the town or municipality I live in, its totally nonexistent although I’ve met a few anime fans in my area biggest surprise for me was that a fellow aniblogger lives in close proximity. If I to attend anime related events, I’d have to take a bus and a train ride because I live kinda far off from the area where anime events normally occur.

But whatever, right now I’m here to talk about my anime community.

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My aftermath of the Aniblog tourney

I lost. No surprise there. If there’s anything I learned in it, is that I still have room for improvement. I’ve been using WordPress in about 19 months, and I’m still learning to use it as to now. Right now, I think my task is to learn how to segregate my posts, in which I haven’t quite figure out honestly and I’m still trying to figure it out. Also, congrats to Kai for a great match!

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