Kuro’s ramblings about his experiences on being an anime fan

You know, I’ve been very open about me being an anime fan to everybody that I know and they have no problems about it. Okay, I’m in the Philippines and being an anime fan here isn’t exactly as bad as it is in Japan where being an anime fan is almost synonymous to being social outcast and at some point, people that I know learn that I like anime and they’re cool with it.

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Kuro’s new year message~

I’m not really good with these kind of things so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

2011 was a great year for me – it was the year that I went full aniblogger and done things that I otherwise won’t be able to do. I got to know more aniblogger friends, I was able to meet some of my fellow anibloggers and was able to sing on karaoke with them, I became acquainted with and became a fan Touhou music, I went full borardgamer and met new people and learned new life lessons that I will not learn elsewhere. These things might be very insignificant to you, dear reader but I treat these as milestones in my life.

Here’s to hoping that 2012 will be a great year for you and me! May 2012 be a fruitful year for the both of us, dear reader.

Looking back at 2011: the best of the best

For the final day of 2011 (at least for those who are in the GMT+8 area of the world) while time slowly ticks away to welcome 2012, I’d like to tot talk about my nominations for the best of the best. 2011 is a great year for anime and I think I should pay tribute to those who made this year an exceptional year.
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Looking back at 2011: The year this was (2011 AniBlogger’s Choice Anime Awards)

2011 is pretty much a good year for anime. We anime fans have been blessed with some of the best anime series ever this year and we have seen anime that make use of new motifs and new concepts and anime that use established motifs and concepts with a new twist. I personally believe that there is no such thing as a sucky anime, and those that are labelled as bad anime are simply ones that do not fit to their personal preferences. With that, I will look back at 2011 anime and take my personal picks of the best of the best by season.

Without further ado, here are my picks!
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Kuro’s top 3 anime girls

I knew I had to do this list eventually, so now I’m doing it. In introspection, I found out that only 3 anime girls really had an impact on me because they really stand out in some way and not just merely cookie cutter characters or fanservice magnet like most 2D girls are. Who’s your top 3 anime girls, dear reader?

Without further ado, here goes!
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