Miku Hatsune now one step closer to Sharon Apple

Back then I wrote a post about how Macross could have foresaw the future with the introduction of the concept of a virtual idol, made real today by vocaloids. Slowly but surely everybody even to people outside of the anime community are being made aware of the concept of the virtual idol with Miku Hatsune performing in sold out concerts and just recently, appearing on the Tonight Show with David Letterman.

Tetsuya Nomura, famous for being the character designer of various Square-Enix games such as the ever popular Final Fantasy series, drew Miku Hatsune to look more real which is a step away from Miku’s usual moe appeal. The result was for me was really awesome.

With Miku now looking more human-like, Miku Hatsune is now one step closer to Sharon Apple. Perhaps in the future, everybody around the world would be open to the idea of a virtual songstress just like in Macross Plus.

Kuro’s top 3 anime girls

I knew I had to do this list eventually, so now I’m doing it. In introspection, I found out that only 3 anime girls really had an impact on me because they really stand out in some way and not just merely cookie cutter characters or fanservice magnet like most 2D girls are. Who’s your top 3 anime girls, dear reader?

Without further ado, here goes!
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