My thoughts about things regarding the Japan earthquake

If there’s one thing I’m sure about, the whole Japan tragedy nowadays has generated lots of mileage from all over the world. I’ve observed many stuff about it in the recent days and I’d like to state my views on it. Forgive me if there will be no cool anime pics on this entry of mine for now, anime pics just don’t feel right for this entry right now.
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Perefect Blue: Satoshi Kon’s exploration of the idol industry analyzed

I’ve just rewatched Perfect Blue and boy, I am still blown away even though I’ve watched it years ago. Satoshi Kon really did a good job on this film. Perfrct Blue is a film worthy of many praises. Satoshi Kon’s exploration of the modern Japanese society and to a degree, human society and its folly are so brutally real that it is so fantastic. He really did a good job of exploring the culture and reality of Japanese show business.

I’ve wanted to compare Satoshi Kon’s observation of Japanese show business with my observation of the Japanese show business, focusing on the idol industry and it turns out that we have the same sentiments.
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