Variable Fighters – The plausible next step in mecha mega-develepoment

With the results of the Sai Mecha semi-finals upon us, I’d like to take the time to take a look at one of of the powerhouses that dominated Sai Mecha and a well recieved mech among mecha fans, The Variable Fighters of Macross fame.

There is mecha research being made in the works, but they’re still on the infant steps and even the U.S. Army’s mecha research is more on the reconnaissance although there is rumor of attack mecha being researched, but I’m not sure…

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Macross Plus: Did it see the future?

I initially watched Macross Plus because of I was trying to get my hands on every macross that I could find and I was at the height of my Macross addiction. Needless to say, I was already introduced to what would become one of my greatest anime influences.

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