Joshiraku episode 9

Joshiraku goes back to being full of of many obscure references!

First act is about the girls trying to come up with ways to make rakugo more appealing to younger audiences, which turns into another session of making fun of Marii’s ass and being taken away at the end of the act which ends with a North Korea abduction punchline. I really can’t recall which anime character Kigu is parodying with her circular hairstyle, it is a character from some mahou shoujo anime I think, Pretty Cure perhaps? Can’t really remember.

Second act happens in Ueno Zoo which is a famous tourist spot in Japan and its about various humor, trivia and pop culture references related to animals. Insert mention of Doraemon, Shirokuma Cafe, Faithful Elephants, Gon, the little fox, The Happy Prince, Nankyoku Monogatari, Milo (met with a blank reaction), Hachiko and Weekly Shonen Magazine‘s mascot (bonus points for the Fairy Tail cover).

Third act is about the gang geting taste for lucky events which keep occurring whenever Marii falls asleep, constantly trying to make her sleep to reap the benefits. I think the whole act is a reference to The Butterfly Dream. The only ones I could recognize during the dream pageant sequence are Kyon’s little sister, Chiyo, Ritsuko Akizuki, Tiger Mask and Kinniku Mantaro. Insert mention of Leo Morimoto in this act.

Man, trying to get all these obscure references is hard.

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