Usagi Drop episode 3 and my ramblings on divorce

If God finds out, he punishes the people, doesn’t he?
-Rin Kaga on divorce

This innocent question coming from a kid seems simple enough, but it also shows a lot things.

In this modern times, divorce is becoming popular nowadays. With I think only 2 countries left against divorce (correct me on this if I’m wrong), divorce is fast becoming a way out when a marriage does not work out and in a family, it is the children that are hurt most.

It was demonstrated in the beginning of the episode that kids with a single parent are quite different and are sometimes the subject of social pressures by their peers, and for some kids, this might be a source of social insecurities. Also a hurdle for kids being raised by a single parent is dealing with the loss of a father or mother due to divorce, separation or being abandoned, for example, Koki who was raised by a single mother due to being abandoned by his father is having a hard time making friends at nursery shcool because of the emotional trauma brought by his father leaving him and his mother.

While Divorce is mostly legal and okay in most countries, I still have mixed reactions about it; while it frees adults from a bad relationship, it is children that are being given the most problems emotionally in a divorce.

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