Musings of a boardgamer

Okay, this will be my second post that will not be an anime post, rather this will be another musings post of mine. Again I say, this post will not be about anime.

I’d be honest, I actually discovered boardgaming completely by accident. It is actually quite a long story that I really I don not want to elaborate on because its too long but I became a boardgamer completely by accident and I became a loyal boardgamer ever since.

Personally, I find boardgaming better than console or online gaming. I imagine people going WHAT?! over my previous statement granted that this is the age of console and online gaming, but I won’t change my earlier statement. I like boardgaming way better than console or online gaming.

Boardgaming like anime is a very niche hobby and I am lucky to be bale to find a circle that I can play boardgames with.

The most obvious advantages are that playing boardgames is way cheaper than console/online gaming and when power failure strikes, your console/inline game is dead (except for the handhelds) and all boardgamers need to continue their game is a light source, but simply telling this won’t be enough to convince the most of people according to experience.

One of the best edge that boardgaming has for me is that it teaches you things that you wont probably learn anywhere else. Sure, online gaming teaches you stuff too like tactics but I feel that online gaming is limited and boardgaming teaches tactics better. One skill I learned in boardgaming is people reading and it is a damn handy skill. Seeing an opponent ruminating for a few seconds on what she would do on her turn gives the idea that she may have a good plan that I should be wary about. Online gaming I think doesn’t teach this because it is impersonal.

Personally, one of the best thing about boardgaming is that I got to meet lots of many new people. Surprisingly, boardgaming is filled with lots of many uniquely cool people and not a trace of loser nerds in sight. Talking to the people in the boargaming community has allowed me to learn few life lessons that I probably won’t learn anywhere else. Online/console gaming mostly restricts you on the four corners of your room.

Playing boaardgaming has forced me to reread Sun Tzu’s Art of War and apply its tenets by heart. I actually never expected to encounter Sun Tzu’s tenets on a constant basis in boardgaming.

Overall, boardgaming is really a good hobby and it gets better when you play with friends. It is really a great change from playing Skyrim all day long and if you’re open minded, you might learn few nice lessons while boardgaming.

4 thoughts on “Musings of a boardgamer

  1. never really been much of a board gamer, although it can be really fun from my few experiences. i like the sniper pic, brings back good memories from yu yu hakusho 🙂

  2. I love board games, I used to be a chess and scrabble champion in grade school and high school (sorry for being show-off, it’s just that I’m super proud of these accomplishments).

    I don’t know that much anime which uses board game as its plot device except for Saki (which is one of my favourites), Rainbow Gate, and Yugi-oh (which I occasionally enjoyed watching from time to time if I see it on TV). What I truly enjoyed when watching these shows is how they make these mental games exciting and fun to look at.

    • Boardgames are convenient plot devices and motiffs. Duel Masters is another anime that used the boardgame motiff, but perhaps for me the most memorable and successful example of a visual medium using boardgame as a motiff would be Jumanji. That was just simply a classic.

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