Joshiraku episode 5

Too much Ichikawa Ebizo references in Joshiraku. I do get it that kabuki and rakugo are Japanese forms of entertainment during their time and the only difference is that kabuki was for the rich and rakugo are for the common folk. But whatever.

The first act is the girls attempt to cheer Kukuru up by holding an out of season christmas party. The act starts with a discussion about economic recession and the way to counter it is by spending so much money on so much crap. Marii (read: Kumeta) tells rich manga-ka (read: Ken Akamatsu) to spend more of their fair share to counter the recession. Then it degenerates into a joke-punch fest to the church, referring to it as a “free counselling service” and making fun of its miracles. Insert a Dog of Flanders, Miracle on 34th Street and Exorcist references along the lines here. Kumeta really likes to make fun of the church for some reason.

Those are crap.

The second act is in Harajuku in which the act starts with a otaku discussion about Ghibli and low-blowing Goro Miyazaki, which is pretty amusing because one does talk otaku in a ultra normalfag place. What follows are back puns, high fashion references such as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Harajuku is famous for its crepes so there has to be crepe puns in this act.

Third act is all bout the skin. Its starts out with tattoo references then goes out to have parody of the 5 colored sentai acts leaving Gankyo left out which left me wondering if Kumeta doesn’t know about the sixth ranger. The act ends shedding light to this graduation.

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