My Twitter aniblogger community experience

I’ll be honest, the thought of using Twitter never crossed my mind before I started aniblogging and the reason I only started Twitter is because I read that bloggers use Twitter as a way to reach more readers. I never thought that I’d be hooked to it back when I started my Twitter account, but here I am now, an anitwitter addict.

At first I just followed a few twitter accounts of other anibloggers and people in the know when it comes to anime and used my Twitter almost strictly as a dissemination tool for my blogposts. Then I started chatting with other fellow anitwitters and before I knew it I began following more anitwitters and began tweeting more. Without me knowing it, I am being sucked in deeper into the anime twitter community and here I am now. As of now I think that I tweet more than I write (well I have other stuff like college and RL that takes more time away from my aniblogging).

I just realized that I love the Twitter anime community. Mostly the people there are welcoming and I can do anime discussions in Twitter and I learn new things such as culture and other stuff from the anime twitter community that I might never learn from fellow local anime fans. I’d dare say that the anime discussions that I have on Twitter is way better than talking about anime to the people at my anime org or majority of local anime fans.

I’m thankful that I started aniblogging and Twitter because I didn’t I won’t be able to talk to other fellow anime fans around the world and learn new things from them.

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