Shin Sekai Yori episode 18

Shit just got real as the Robber Fly colony finally reveals its true nature. About damn time.

Basically, the humans hold a summer festival, Robber Fly colony hold a surprise attack, there are casualties but the awesomeness that is Shisei Kaburagi takes care of the bakenezumi surprise attack and Tomiko-san is pissed, saying that Yakomaru must pay.

Suspicions of another cantus user aiding the Robber Fly colony if Shisei’s theory is correct. I have guess on this, and it’s not Maria or Mamoru. Or it could be them, the anime is being totally vague on this.

As far as the girl who came out of that dead fat cantus master, according to few people who have read the light novel, it wasn’t because of the death feedback mechanism, that woman was someone he used to love, as to not make his death seem so grim, he wanted to show the people something beautiful and go out with a bang.

Now, my gripe in this is that despite Satoru and Saki being a couple already, the anime seems fixated on the yuri ship, going so far with that little Maria bit in the end of the episode. It’s not that I am against yuri or pandering to the yuri fans but I just wish that the anime will focus on the living members of Group 1 as a couple and the settling of the personal issues they have. The anime is seriously doing a terrible job on showing Saki and Satoru’s relationship.

My thought about this episode is that at this point, everything is vague and I really don’t know what to believe. I personally have my theories but I’m holding them off because this episode, despite the action, was very vague at best when it comes to information. As much as people are hating Yakomaru, I still honestly love him. He’s the most interesting character in the anime.

The nest episode’s title is Darkness. If the episode title could be referenced, looks like shit will happen. I just really want to see Yakomaru’s ass handed to him by Tomiko. ’til next episode!

6 thoughts on “Shin Sekai Yori episode 18

  1. i also was unsure about Saki and satoru being a couple, clearly they should be but as you said the anime is doing a rather miserable job at portraying this.

    in my personal opinion though since the relationship between maria and saki was so strong i would be happy to see that flourish more

    • I honestly love the yuri ship, but since the story is more about Saki and Satoru’s hurdles in clearing their personal feelings, I wish the anime would focus on that instead of focusing on the yuri ship too much.

  2. I never really got the impression that satoru and saki were meant to be a pair. In fact, she liked Maria and shun. They seem to be more lifelong friends who have shared amazing things. Thru fate, they are the last two standing. Doesn’t mean it’s a romantic connection. Also, the bit with Maria serves an important purpose, which should be obvious, but if its not, will most certainly be clear next episode.

    • Personally, I think that Saki only thought of Maria as a friends, nothing more. It’s with Shun and Satoru that Saki really has a connection with in my opinion.

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