Kuro’s short rambling about Mimori’s succession in AKB0048

This has been festering in a few days in my mind already. I love AKB0048. I just have to say that as much as I like the anime, calling Mimori “Mariko” feels kinda weird.

I don’t know, I came to like and love Mimori as Mimori, then succession comes and now she’s Mariko. I’m really happy for Mimor- I mean Mariko that’s she’s finally given a break and her succession episode was pretty awesome, but I like Mimori as Mimori. Well, She’s Mariko now and the anime clearly shows that point.

But I don’t know, but working hard to become somebody else really doesn’t sit well with me. I like being me and wouldn’t want to become somebody else.

I like that the anime shows that even if she is Mariko now, she is still Mimori deep inside and that she treasures her friendship with her understudy friends and for that I’m really grateful and I still love her.

2 thoughts on “Kuro’s short rambling about Mimori’s succession in AKB0048

  1. There is this rationale in which the underground Kirara of Succession decide on a successor’s name, possibly on the basis of personal character.

    I personally thought Mimori would be a successor to a member named Tomomi Kasai (and Sayaka chided Mimori for trying to act like her), on the strength of her sultry character. However the Kirara judged that she should bear the name Mariko Shinoda purportedly because of her motherly approach to other members and towards the audience.

    • I would be okay if the name that they would succeed would be more of a nickname rather than an identity since the girls are judged by their personality and the fever of succession means that the girl will inherit a member’s identity.

      I’m happy that even inheriting a member’s identity doesn’t change the original personality of the girl.

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