Shingeki no Kyojin episode 24

Wow, that bite must hurt bad.

Wow, they must have blown the animation budget on this episode. The episode extended some scenes from the manga and added some nice fillers. Also, Eren’s transformation was made more dramatic compared to the manga.

Mikasa shows what a dedicated yandere girlfriend is good for in this episode; telling cold pointers to Eren and when he’s being useless, she goes berserker on the Female Titan. Armin had some awesome lines in this episode. Jean has some good moments too, that scene when he’s looking at how slow the MP are and when he gave Eren a piece of his mind. Hanji, Erwin and Levi were pretty awesome too, all the while Eren is down and getting his priorities straight. Eren did get his thunder at the end of the episode (He’s the main character, after all).

Next episode is looking to be very awesome!

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