Short first impressions: Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Kohina is probably the best doll ever.

The story is about Ichimatsu Kohina, an elementary schoolgirl who calls herself a doll summons Kokkuri-san, a fox spirit, by doing an Ouija board ritual and upon learning of Kohina’s predicament, Kokkuri-san decides to haunt the little girl until he fixes her.

I’d tell you that this anime is so friggin hilarious! It only took a few minutes into the first episode for me to laugh like crazy! What I also really like is that the show can pull a sudden mood shift and go drama mode smoothly. I was kinda irritated that the drama was ruined by the sudden shift to comedic punchline, but it’s all good. The show got my attention.

Daisuke Ono as Kokkuri-san is pretty good but Ryo Hirohashi’s performance as Kohina is just super top notch! Takahiro Sakurai and Johji Nakata round up the main cast, so I’m sure we’d get a good performance from the main cast.

I’m just gonna say that this anime is looking to be pretty good! This is one good anime that can bring in all the laughs and the feels. I’m liking it!

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