My aftermath of the Aniblog tourney

I lost. No surprise there. If there’s anything I learned in it, is that I still have room for improvement. I’ve been using WordPress in about 19 months, and I’m still learning to use it as to now. Right now, I think my task is to learn how to segregate my posts, in which I haven’t quite figure out honestly and I’m still trying to figure it out. Also, congrats to Kai for a great match!

Other than that, I’d like to ask you, dear reader on how I could improve in being an aniblogger. Are there any areas that I have to improve in regards to my blogging? Comments and criticisms would be most welcome.

This pretty much describes me right now.

Oh and please continue to vote for your favorite blogs in the Aniblog tourney!

10 thoughts on “My aftermath of the Aniblog tourney

  1. Since you asked for some criticism, I tried to find some good examples of what I think could use some improvement. From your post about Lagrange’s symbolism in the chairs:
    “The symbolism are pretty much easy to understand, during the conclusion of each episode the chairs are shown which could be interpreted as the chairs symbolizing the robots or the pilots, depending upon the interpretation of the viewer, though I’d like to point out two occasions in which the chair symbolism is used very subtly.”
    This is one large paragraph, as well as one very long sentence. You have a tendency of doing this in a topic that particularly interests you, as if you’re so excited that you can’t wait to tell us your thoughts on it. I recommend that you read over each paragraph at least two or three times and make sure that it flows naturally.

    I actually find your style of blogging somewhat similar to mine; that is, you cover a wide range of topics, from first impressions, to final impressions, discuss themes in a single episode or entire anime, gaming, Sai Mecha…heck, your list of categories easily shows how widespread your interests are. This doesn’t bother me in the slightest since I love variety from the blogs I read. Subscribed 🙂

    • Thanks for the pointers! It always helps to know on what things I should improve more on my writing and I really appreciate your criticism.

      Thanks for following! 🙂

  2. I say don’t listen to anyone and just keep writing the way you want to write. Writing the way you want will make you improve in itself.

    Though my point’s kinda lost since I’m asking you to listen to me (plus its not like I’m credible).

  3. I had to abstain, I couldnt decide who to choose since I follow both blogs and support both of them. As for improvement Mhmm well Its hard to say since a blog is someone diary with their own opinions so I cant really say something against it because it goes against what all of us do, I go to other blogs to read other opinions on something that I like.

    Just keep it up!

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